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Study Guide

Student Study Guide

How to download and extract the student study guide for Uppers, Downers, All Arounders 7th Edition.

  1. NOTE: This example is based on using Google Chrome as the Internet browser. Some of the instructions may vary depending on the browser your using.
    In your Internet browser go to the download link on the inside cover of the book
  2. Click the link “Study Guide download” to start downloading the compressed .ZIP file that contains the files and folders that make up the student study guide. The file name is SSG7.zip(7th ed) or studyguide.zip(6th ed.)
    NOTE: You cannot open and use any .ZIP file without “unzipping” the archive file to a directory on your local drive.
  3. In your “Save As” prompt, navigate to your “My Documents” folder and click the [Save] button.
    step 3 screenshot
  4. Once the zip file has been downloaded successfully, navigate to your “My Documents” folder and find the file labeled “SSG7.zip”. Right click on the SSG7.zip file and choose to extract to the default directory name “SSG7\”.
    step 4 screenshot
  5. Wait for the unzip process to complete.
    step 5 screenshot
  6. Once the unzip process is complete, navigate to the new directory in your “My Documents” folder labeled “SSG7”

  7. Double click the directory named “SSG7” to view the contents and open the Student Study Guide.
  8. Once the SSG7 directory is open, you can double click the file named “StartHere.html” to run the Student Study Guide.
    step 8 screenshot