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Uppers, Downers,
All Arounders
8th Edition, Drug Education Textbook
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The physical and mental effects of marijuana

Our latest film covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids.
Uppers, Downers, All Arounders



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Darryl Inaba

Darryl Inaba
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  • Caffeine, E-Cig news, Zohydro and other Opioid news and death

    Coffee and cigarettes have long been a part of the morning ritual ... now we have concerns about actual coffee/caffeine addiction. E-cig news includes a study earlier this year, finding cancer indications like tobacco, especially snuff, from using e-cigarettes. However, the study used specially prepared lung cells, not humans. And the FDA has released its draft regulations for e-cigarettes, prohibiting their sale to minors, requiring warning labels, and asking that new device be submitted to the FDA for testing and evaluation. Several more stories about opioids and heroin. Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Irish rocker Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) and founder of Band-Aid , has died unexpectedly of a heroin overdose. Also there are a number of stories about pregnant women using and being addicted to prescribed opioids as well as heroin. And the protests continue about Zohydro, the new Vicodin-like medication that is 10 times stronger, and contains no acetaminophen.

  • Overview of Treatment, Brain Area Tied to Problem Gambling

    An overview of where treatment is at, and where it might be headed. A recent NBC series featured Tom McLellan, Deputy Director of the government Office of Drug Control Policy. A much respected addiction research psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, he found that treatment in general was in a sorry state, and he founded the non-profit Treatment Research Institute, aimed at developing science-based solutions to addiction. We also look at new research from the University of Cambidge which has identified the insula cortex as being an area where, when its overactive, lead compulsive gamblers to "chase their losses.'

  • MJ Reports, Legalizing CBD, Mandatory Sentence Attitudes, Phone Apps for Recovery

    Reports on medical and recreational marijuana and their business aspects frpm Darryl, who spoke recently at a conference in Hawaii. Utah is in the process of legalizing the medical use of "Charlotte's Web," the compound made of non-psychotropic molecules from marijuana. Pew Research released a report showing that public views on mandatory drug sentences have changed, with more than half now saying they should be modified and reduced, and wanting to see more treatment available. A Virginia-based company received FDA approval for an automatic injector of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone, specifically tested and intended for use by caregivers, family members, or coworkers. And a new smartphone app for alcoholics in recovery, nicknamed A-CHESS, is being being developed and tested by the University of Wisconsin in Madison and others.


CNS Productions, Inc.

CNS Productions produces one of the leading drug education textbook for college and university level drug and addiction education classrooms - Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs, 8th Edition. In addition, CNS Productions provides support and teaching aids to assist instructors, including student study guides, instructional support videos for every chapter in the book, sample tests, online educational and interactive crossword puzzles, as well as both paperback and eBook versions of the textbook.

Our comprehensive video library of educational substance abuse DVDs is used by addiction counselors in their practices as substance abuse treatment and drug identification tools. Professional drug education instructors use these and specialized videos as counselor education and training tools.

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