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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Instructors
  • User Registration and Login
  • Rio Salado Students
  • Videos
  • Downloading and Using Study Guide
  • Trouble with PDF viewing / downloading
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Important Note: Some of our online content requires access codes which change quarterly. We use email to provide instructors with updated codes, as well as new curriculum content and timely information regarding new editions. If you haven't provided us with your email, or if you've changed your email address please contact us so we can make the appropriate changes in our data base.

  • I just registered as an Instructor. Why can't I access the Instructor Area?

    For security reasons we review all the information you provide. If you are already in our database your account will usually be activated within a few hours (during our regular business hours.) If this is your first contact with CNS it may take longer because we need to verify your credentials.

  • I just received an email saying I could access the Instructor Area by entering my email address and temporary password, but it does not work. Why?

    If the email was a forward from your department chair, or from someone in administration, that is the only email address we have on file and therefore it is the email address that must be entered to gain access. Please contact us with your current email to receive announcements and information in a timely manner.


User Registration and Login

  • User Registration

    If you have problems registering, please check your computer's security program it may need to be disabled during the registration. If you are using a campus Learning Management System like Blackboard, your campus security system may be the source of the problem. Try registering outside of the management system.

  • Log-In and Menus

    The category in which you registered (student, instructor, Rio Salado student) controls the menus items displayed on the web pages. If you are looking for something in particular, log-out and type the topic in the search field at the top of the page.

  • My login name and password are not working any more.

    User names and passwords for Rio Salado students expire after six months. Students attending other schools will have indefinite access to most content but access to the Video Support series expires after approximately 6 months. If your account becomes disabled and you are denied access to the student resources section of the CNS Productions website,  call our support team for assistance.


Rio Salado Students

  • Can't access the videos on my CD

    The class ASD 100 Foundations of Chemical Dependency is transitioning to using the Uppers Downer All Arounders textbook insead of the specially created CD. Students will now need to use the standard student registration form and log in. The Rio Salado Disk only login will remain for a few months. The videos reside on the CNS website. Note: access to videos requires being connected to the internet with a cable, DSL or satellite connection -  dial-up will not work. The disk is no longer being used.



  • Browser requirements for videos

    Our videos will play on the following browsers:  Google Chrome 12.0, Firefox 5.0, Safari 5.0, Opera 11.5, and Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher. You can find these browsers for download here, a trusted site for software downloads and technology reviews.

  • Will videos play in my America Online (AOL) browser?

    Other browsers are more successful handling multimedia files and specialized web content. We recommend using Google Chrome 12.0, Firefox 5.0, Safari 5.0, or Opera 11.5. You can find these browsers for download here, a trusted site for software downloads and technology reviews.

  • If the videos appear jumpy or jittery

    We use a very reliable host for the video files. Past reports of jittery or shaky videos have been equipment on the user's side. Check your wireless connection and/or plug in with a LAN cable to your router. Try another piece of equipment at a different location like at school or work. Play the video, hit the pause button and let the video fully buffer and then play the video.

  • I want to view the videos full-screen.

    The following browsers will play the videos full-screen: Firefox 17, Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5. Other browsers have a fixed viewing screen. 


Downloading and Using the Student Study Guide

  • I hit the download button - now what? Where is it?

    The file downloaded to the location on your computer that stores downloads, on most computers these files are in a folder called DOWNLOADS. The folder could be on your desktop, or in another section of your computer. If you can't find it, do a search for: ssg7.zip.

  • I've downloaded the file, clicked on "Start here" and it takes me to an html site that doesn't operate.

    You must "unzip" the downloaded file before trying to run the application. Use a program like 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/). If you need instructions on unzipping a .ZIP file, click on this link to watch a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQOYqzGHiDY.

    If after you unzip the program the interactive feature does not work, there may be security setting in your browser or security programs on your computer that are set to block the running of javascripts which are necessary for the guide to work properly.

  • I need more help with downloading and saving the Study Guide ZIP File

    Click Here for detailed downloading and unzipping help.


Trouble with PDF Viewing/Downloads

  • The Abode Acrobat plug-in for Firefox sometimes causes problems with viewing / downloading PDFs.

    Disable this plug-in and/or use a different plug-in or extension to manage PDFs from your browser.


How to contact CNS Productions Customer Service team

CNS Customer Service team can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 4:00pm PST at (800) 888-0617, or contact us using our contact form.