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MJ Reports, Legalizing CBD, Mandatory Sentence Attitudes, Phone Apps for Recovery

Reports from Darryl on medical and recreational marijuana and their business aspects, which were some of the topics at a recent conference in Hawaii where he spoke. Sponsored by the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii, it featured reports from the groups Hawaii Drug Free Youth, and Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Inc., as well as various public safety officials in Hawaii. Also, Utah is in the process of legalizing the medical use of "Charlotte's Web," the compound made of non-psychotropic molecules from marijuana. It is especially useful in Tourette Syndrome, which often begins in early childhood, causing multiple physical and vocal tics, as well as with other disorders. Pew Research recently released a report showing that views have shifted in the public attitude toward mandatory drug sentences, with more than half of respondents on now saying they should be modified and reduced, and wanting to see more treatment available. Attorney General Holder has recently said much the same thing. A Virginia-based company, kaléo Pharma has received FDA approval for Evzio®, an automatic injector of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone, specifically tested and intended for use by caregivers, family members, or coworkers. And a new smartphone app for alcoholics in recovery, nicknamed A-CHESS, is being being developed and tested by the University of Wisconsin in Madison and others, as reported in JAMA Psychiatry.

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