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Caffeine, E-Cig news, Zohydro and other Opioid news and death

Coffee and cigarettes have long been a part of the morning ritual. As that has changed in recent years, we now have concerns about actual coffee/caffeine addiction, and also the continuing story of the new alternate smoking device - the e-cigarette.

The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has classified caffeine as a potential addiction, calling it caffeine use disorder or caffeine intoxication disorder and placing it in the category for greater study.

E-cig news includes a study earlier this year, finding cancer indications like tobacco, especially snuff, from using e-cigarettes. However, the study used specially prepared lung cells, not humans. And the FDA has released its draft regulations for e-cigarettes, prohibiting their sale to minors, requiring warning labels, and asking that new device be submitted to the FDA for testing and evaluation. Interestingly it did not limit advertising, nor flavors, or require selling the vaping "juice" in sealed bottles.

Several more stories about opioids and heroin. Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Irish rocker Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) and founder of  Band-Aid and similar rock super-assemblies for relief efforts, has died unexpectedly of a heroin overdose. Also there are a number of stories about pregnant women using and being addicted to prescribed opioids as well as heroin. And the protests continue about Zohydro, the new Vicodin-like medication that is 10 times stronger, and contains no acetaminophen which, when over-used, is responsible for 2/3 of the country's acute liver failure cases.

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