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  1. Alcohol & Its Effects DVD

    Alcohol & Its Effects DVD

    This video describes alcohol's effects, the neurochemistry of tolerance and withdrawal, and the social and legal consequences of abuse. Learn More

    Price: $74.25 ( $99.00 Value)

  2. Heroin: From Pleasure to Pain DVD

    Heroin: From Pleasure to Pain DVD

    A comprehensive and compelling examination of one of the most addictive substances in the world. Learn More

    Price: $74.25 ( $99.00 Value)

  3. Marijuana: Neurochemistry & Physiology DVD

    Marijuana: Neurochemistry & Physiology DVD

    Marijuana continues to make headlines across the country, and questions about its use are more thought provoking than ever. As the country's views change, its important to understand how this psychoactive drug affects those that use it.

    Available as part of our 2-for-1 DVD special HERE

    Learn More

    Price: $136.50 ( $195.00 Value)

  4. Prescription & OTC Drugs: Misuse & Abuse DVD

    Prescription & OTC Drugs: Misuse & Abuse DVD

    A look at legal drugs and pharmacological principles that determine effects, both desired and damaging. Learn More

    Price: $74.25 ( $99.00 Value)

  5. Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Drugs & Effects DVD

    Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Drugs & Effects DVD

    A comprehensive look at drugs. History, effects, prevention and treatment are covered. Learn More

    Price: $74.25 ( $99.00 Value)

  6. Bonus Material Membership

    Bonus Material Membership

    For access to exclusive bonus material included with the purchase of the new 8th edition text please follow these instructions:

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  7. Beyond Opiates - Graphic Novella

    Beyond Opiates - Graphic Novella

    This graphic interpretation of the information presented in our film "Beyond Opiates" provides easy to understand and relatable information about the science of pain and opiate addiction. Minimum order quantity is 20 copies. Learn More
  8. Beyond Opiates - Graphic Novella - Digital Download - READ COMPLETE DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS IN PRODUCT DETAILS

    Beyond Opiates - Graphic Novella - Digital Download - READ COMPLETE DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS IN PRODUCT DETAILS

    Once installed, the eBook can be accessed via desktop/laptop computer, and iPad or Android device that can run Adobe Digital Editions.

    IMPORTANT: Download and install Adobe Digital Editions for your computer or iPad.

    Download Adobe Digital Editions Here.


    PLEASE NOTE: See the details below. It is important that you test the program to be sure it works with your system before purchasing. NO REFUNDS on the eBook. Aside from the CNS website, the only authorized sellers of the ebook version of Uppers, Downers, All Arounders are Red Shelf and Vital Source. Audio versions of this title violate copyright laws and have not been licensed by CNS Productions, Inc.

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