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  1. Use, Abuse & Addiction - 2 DVD set

    Use, Abuse & Addiction - 2 DVD set

    New Pricing From history through prevention and treatment, these ten videos on 2 DVDs present a comprehensive look at drugs and their effects. Optional curriculum package available. Learn More

  2. Home Boy Joy Ride - DVD

    Home Boy Joy Ride - DVD

    With the new series, Called from Darkness, CNS Productions moves to a documentary style with the primary purpose of inspiring people through personal accounts of recovering addicts from all walks of life and within communities of kinship. In this first movie segment, Homeboy Joy Ride, we are inspired by former addicts many of them gang members and founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Greg Boyle. Benefits of the video include being inspired by the personal accounts of recovering addicts, many of them former gang members and by the love and compassion for all beings found in the hearts of founder Father Greg Boyle and the Homeboy Industries community. Share with clients, as part of your treatment and education programs, what has worked for these recovering addicts; how communities of kinship can work for them; and why men and women former gang members are sharing their journey - one of hope and transformation. Reach out, inspire and engage your community. Through co-sponsorship of community screenings, ignite a conversation of inspiration and recovery from drug addiction based on personal accounts of sobriety achieved through tenderness, love and belonging to each other within communities of kinship. Learn More
  3. Cannabinyzed - Resource Disk

    Cannabinyzed - Resource Disk

    Cannabinyzed Resource Disk includes: Marijuana Info-Graphic PDF Discussion Guide Test Question Set Learn More
  4. $99 DVDs
  5. Cannabinyzed - The physical and mental effects of marijuana DVD

    Cannabinyzed - The physical and mental effects of marijuana DVD

    As the legal status of marijuana changes its perceived dangers are lessening while the potency of the drug is increasing. This video covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids. The toxic and addictive impact that results from the drug’s disruption of natural endocannibinoids is characterized in this video by the testimony of those impacted by the drug and by the scientists who are studying its effects. This video is 26 minutes and will help to clarify the many myths and misconceptions regarding the effects of marijuana. NEW RESOURCE DISK Now you can get the most out of our Cannabinyzed film with a fantastic resource disk that includes: 1. A 22-page info-graphic booklet about the physical and mental effects of marijuana. 2. Test Questions for Quizzes or Exams. 3. A Series of guided discussion questions. Simply add the item in the drop down options below for $25.

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  6. Beyond Opiates DVD

    Beyond Opiates DVD

    A new perspective on the science of pain recovery from opiate addiction. Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges of opioids and offers a message of hope.

    See our corresponding Beyond Opiates Graphic Novella Here

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  7. Reflections in the Rear View Mirror - Moving on from a DUI

    Reflections in the Rear View Mirror - Moving on from a DUI

    A compilation of five videos covering a number of aspects of impaired driving. Designed to help facilitate group interaction by encouraging members of a group to discuss their own experience driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

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  8. Roots of Addiction: Drug & Behavioral Compulsions DVD

    Roots of Addiction: Drug & Behavioral Compulsions DVD

    UPDATED 2011
    Explore the biological and environmental causes of addiction and the conflict between old brain cravings and new brain reasoning.

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  9. Neurochemistry of Relapse & Recovery DVD

    Neurochemistry of Relapse & Recovery DVD

    This program explains the brain's memory function as it explores the phases of recovery: detoxification, initial and long term abstinence, and recovery. Learn More
  10. Marijuana: Neurochemistry & Physiology DVD

    Marijuana: Neurochemistry & Physiology DVD

    Marijuana continues to make headlines across the country, and questions about its use are more thought provoking than ever. As the country's views change, its important to understand how this psychoactive drug affects those that use it.

    Available as part of our 2-for-1 DVD special HERE

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