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Compulsive Gambling: Signs & Symptoms DVD

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Learn how to identify compulsive and problem gamblers and gain information on ways to deal with the problem.

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Running Time: 28 minutes
Copyright: 2001
Format: DVD

This title is designed to help spouses, relatives, friends and the individual who may have a problem, recognize the signs of compulsive and problem gambling.

Topics address behaviors effecting a person's financial situation, work and home life, and gambling habits. Suggestions for dealing with the problem are also offered. Time coded to allow for easy stop and start in a group setting.

Robert Hunter, PhD
Nevada Psychological Association

Durand Jacobs, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Loma Linda University Medical School

Michael Brubaker,

Gambling Counselor & Consultant

Joseph Pursch, MD

Julian Pickens, EdD
Chandler Valley Hope Hospital