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Compulsive Gambling & Recovery DVD

Quick Overview

An in-depth look at the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of compulsive gamblers, A facilitator's guide accompanies the video.

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Running Time: 50 minutes
Copyright: 1997
Format: DVD

This video explores the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of compulsive gamblers. It characterizes pathological (compulsive) gambling as a treatable disease. Interviews with compulsive gamblers and their relatives, gambling counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists describe and help reveal the complexity of the illness.

The video is supplemented by a 35 page Instructors Guide that includes a time-coded transcript, additional facts and statistics, topics for discussion and activities for groups and/or individuals.

Robert Hunter, PhD
Nevada Psychological Association

Durand Jacobs, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Loma Linda University Medical School

Michael Brubaker,

Gambling Counselor & Consultant

Joseph Pursch, MD

Julian Pickens, EdD
Chandler Valley
Hope Hospitalo