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About Darryl Inaba

Darryl Inaba

Darryl S. Inaba


Since the late 1960’s, Dr. Inaba has been involved with the treatment of over 350,000 substance abusers. He has authored hundreds of technical articles, served as scientific consultant on dozens of award winning educational films, performed hundreds of trainings and presentations and has become recognized internationally as one of the foremost authorities on drugs and addiction. As former CEO and President of the San Francisco’s famed Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and one of its first addiction treatment professionals, Dr. Inaba was named its first Lifetime Fellow in 2006. Over the past 47 years, Dr. Darryl Inaba has been honored with over 90 individual commendations and awards in recognition of his work in education, substance abuse treatment, drug prevention and community service. He currently serves as the Director of Clinical and Behavioral Health Services of Addictions Recovery Center in southern Oregon while maintaining an Associate Professorship at the University of California San Francisco and providing instruction as well as special consultant services for the University of Utah.

“The most important thing that addicts and non addicts must understand is that addiction is an actual medical and biological disorder of the brain. There are actual anomalies in the brains of those vulnerable to addiction that ‘hijacks’ their conscious ability to control their use of addictive substances or their participation in destructive compulsive behaviors. Addicts are not weak, bad, stupid or crazy—their brains just operate differently when challenged by certain behaviors or activities.”


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